How you can help us?

  There are many ways you can help us spread the word of God freely around the world.
 Firstly, please pray for this ministry, pray that people will be blessed as they listen to our tapes, and that we may continue to have our financial needs met as we seek to get Gods word out to all who need to hear it.

Secondly, please tell people about this service, we do not have a vast budget for advertising our tapes, our best form of promotion is personal recommendation. If you find our service useful, please tell someone else about us so they can benefit too.

Link to us
 If you, or your organization have a web site, please link to us, you may copy the button or banner below for your site if you wish.

Please click here for a poster you can print out and display.
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We will also send printed copies of this post by mail if you prefer. (contact us for details).

Advertise on this site
 Your banner advert could appear on this site. Please click here for more details.

Become a reader
 We would like to expand our product range, but we require volunteers prepared to read the books and devotionals onto cassette.

Provide taping equipment or tapes
We would like to obtain some fast duplicating equipment that is either free, or available at a nominal price. Ordinary tape recorders and microphones are also useful for our readers who put the books onto cassette tape.
 Also good quality C90 tapes that are either new, or only used once are always very useful for our messages. If you can help in any way.  Please contact us with the details
Provide source material
 We offer devotionals, sermons, and Bible studies and are always looking for more material.

Become an Audio Bible Club affiliate
  Our tapes are sent all over the world, and we are looking for people to act as agents in the posting and collection of cassettes. This requires a small amount of storage room and a few spare hours a month.

Send a donation
Donations of all sizes are always welcome. We are able to accept British cheques, International supporters may use PayPal to send a donation.

Join the Bible tapes ministries webring
If you are involved in a tape ministry of your own why not join this ring with other sites seeking to share the word of God in this way?

Any other ideas? Please contact us.